If you have visited our website and find it useful make sure that this is our own statement. Like if we have mentioned the price of any cat which is lower on our blog but it is higher in the market we are not responsible for that. But we have provided the best information according to our knowledge.

If we have mentioned that these cats are friendliest but they cause some damage we are not responsible for that.


Although our content is unique and written by us. But there are some images which have been taken from Google if you think that comes under copyright then contact us we will remove such content from our website. 
And don't try to use our content without our permission. Ads shown on our website are from Google and we are not responsible for those also. 
If you have found anything illegal or against law feel free to contact us it will be corrected and appreciated. 


Above terms and conditions are only between you and the catbreedsloverz.com. If you want to purchase any content there will be some other terms and conditions. 
  • Don't use abusive language on this website like in the comment section or anywhere.
  • Don't do anything which is against the law
  • If there are some viruses or other destructive software we are not responsible for that.
  • Must follow the privacy policy.

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