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Singapura Cat's price- health issues- life span and 10 fun facts.

Singapura Cat is also known as “Drain cat” and “Love cat”. It is also among the smallest cat breeds and is famous for large size of ears and eyes.

Singapura Cat

Singapura Cat

Singapura cat is also known as “Drain cat” and “Love cat”. Because it is also among the smallest cat breeds and hence is famous for large size of ears and eyes. Hence, it was reported that in the 1970s almost three “Love cats” were imported from Singapore. Tommy and Hal Meadow when they returned to the USA they notice three “Brown ticked cats”. Two were males and one was female. The breeds visited Singapore and their name was set as Singapura Cats. In 1979 this cat was accepted for the registration purpose and in 1988 was awarded the championship status.

Features or Characteristics of Singapura Cat

  • These are the following attributes that a Singapura Cat possess. 
  • These cats come in only one color which is Brown-ticked.
  • Tiny in size and did not reach his full size until it is two years old.
  • Large eyes and ears make him different from others.
  • He might be small but is active and passionate all the time.
  • Demand attention every time from family members don’t want to live alone.
  • Only interact with other cats which are from Singapore’s and if they meet up at early ages.
  • Very much intelligent and kids like to play with him.
  • Likes to play with the computer, mouse keyboard and anything around him.
  • Weight of male cat is between (6-8 Pounds) and females (4-6 pounds).

Shedding Amount

Thus when you are sharing your home with cats you have to bear the problem of cat hairs on your clothes and in your homes also. The process of shedding is different for different kind of breeds. additionally, if you like clean homes either you need to lower your standards or select a breed which is low in shedding. 

Health Issues in Singapura Cats

In short, all the cats have potential that they can suffer to any genetic issues of health. As all the people have skills to avoid the diseases. Don’t buy from the sellers who told you these kittens are isolated from family members due to health issues. Singapura cats are normally healthy and don’t have health issues but because their genetic pool is so small this can create problems. To protect the overall health of this cat it is necessary to keep him under the appropriate weight.
Singapura Cat

Conclusion and price

Therefore, if you want to buy a Singapura cat, you need to do your homework first this will help you to enjoy your time with these breeds. Hence, you must keep some patient it depends on what type of breeds you are looking for. You might have to wait for almost six months so that your desired kitten is available. Some breeders are not willing to give their kittens to you when they are at least not of the age of 12 to 16 weeks. Look for your choices whether an adult cat will be suited to your style or young kitten. It can be destructive for you because they like to have fun. 
If you adopt a Singapura cat it may cost up to 75-150 Dollars but if you want to purchase it from breeders it may cost you about 800 to 2000 Dollars which is too much expensive. 

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