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What is the personality and life span of an Abyssinian Cat?

The nickname of Abyssinian cat is Aby. And is different from all other cats. He is small, silly in nature and has some athletic skills.

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cats

The nickname of Abyssinian cat is Aby. And is different from all other cats. He is small, silly in nature and has some athletic skills. Because Abyssinian cats like to be in motion always. Hence, he likes to always keep exploring, jumping and climbing. In short, you cannot categorize it as a lap cat. His coat is unique and beautifully ticked and which gave him an appearance like a wildcat.  This cat is considered as one of the oldest cat breeds. 

It shows some resemblance with Africans wild cat but this is a domestic cat. Indeed, this cat comes in different ticked coat colors like chocolate, reddish ruddy, cinnamon, blue, and fawn. It also has the silver version of all these colors. Abyssinian cats with silver color give them icy white coloration closest to the skin. 

Some interesting facts about the Abyssinian cats?

There are lots of interesting facts associated with Aby. Which are listed below?
  • This cat possesses learning tricks. And he is good at training the people accordingly what he wants from them. 
  • Their life span is 15 years or more. 
  • Because of his high social and inquisitive nature, he can go for a walk lonely.
  • For the first time, this cat was bred in the US in 1935.
  • Certainly, this cat is different from others. Because of intelligence, active nature and likes to explore every nook of the home.
  • Likes to supervise and monitor the activities you do.
  • Best interact with the person who spends more time at home with him. 
  • He likes to be alone in the home so that he can gain full attention. Does not want any other cat in the home. 
  • The most interesting fact is despite its name it does not arises from Ethiopia. It is believed that they live along the Indian oceans coastline.

Some facts about the personality of Abyssinian cats

If you are looking for a lap cat then don’t select Abyssinian cat this is not a perfect match for you. Thus, this cat is highly intelligent and loves to play and interact with people. Hence, If you want your cat to be entertained and stay out of trouble provide him with puzzles this will help him increase brain power using different tricks to solve a puzzle. These type of cats love to watch birds so keep them near windows or allow them to go for a walk so they can explore what they want. Indeed, these cats spend a good time with those people who remain at home for long times. Age does not matter. He loves to be single in the home so that he can attain full attention. 
Abyssinian Cat

Health issues of Abyssinian Cats

These cats sometimes develop the deficiency of pyruvate kinase. Which is key enzyme metabolism required for red blood cells? This deficiency will cause anemia. This can occur in cats of six months and also cats which are 12 years old. The best way is to have your cat tested so that he could have proper health. 

Grooming of Abyssinian cat

His coat is short which is easy to maintain. At least comb once a week to remove dead hair and keep the coat shiny. Trimming of nails should be done after every 10 to 14 days. These cats can develop dental issues so proper cleaning of teeth is required and provide them with proper veterinary cleanings. 

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