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How to determine what breed is my Cat? 5 Parameters that will help in to identify your Cat's Breed

What breed is my cat?
What breed is my cat?

Cat breed can be identified in different ways, like different colors of eye and fur or the patterns of a coat. But it is difficult to find out the type of breed you have by just guessing from color and patterns. Like if you have a cat black in color and golden eyes does not mean that you have a Bombay cat. Similarly, there are a lot of such examples. Both the domestic and house cats come in almost every color and same pattern but different fur length is all referred to as mixed cat breeds.
What breed is my cat?

                                                               What breed is my cat
There are different parameters that can help in the identification of your cat breeds. These are described below.

Colors and patterns of cats

It is difficult to predict the breed type with the help of just colors and patterns. If you have a black cat with golden eyes does not mean that this is a Bombay cat. If your cat has long hairs it does not means that you have Maine Coon cat. You just cannot predict by the pattern you have studied. There are domestic cats which comes in almost every color and pattern with different fur lengths. These type of breeds are simply classified as mixed cat breeds.

Difference between domestic and purebred cats

Cats which are found in houses are mostly short-haired, medium-haired and long-haired but these are not pure breeds. A cat which is produced as a result of crossbreeding can be classified as purebred. If you consider an example of Bombay cat you might have Burmese cats in its background.

Domestic Cats

These type of cats have a long history. And there is not a single size that can justify the description on the basis of size. These cats can be small, medium or large but it depends on their diet, genetics and the care they receive. These come in a variety of color and coat patterns like black, gray, white and all the shades in between them. So it is not very easy to identify what breed is my cat. 

Calico cats

These cats come in a variety of colors. Red, white, vibrant orange, blue or gray. And comes in a variety of different patterns as you will never see the two exactly alike. These are mostly females and if you found a rare male he will be sterile. A cat which is pure breed and comes in patterns of Calico are Persians, Maine Coon, and also the Scottish folds.


If your cat does not come with official papers which will show his or her ancestors then believe that your cat does not belong to any cat breed. If you want to show them in any cat show you would not do this because you are not familiar and sure about the breed of your cat. It has been seen that purebred cats will lose their papers and will be found in shelters. Where these will be purchased by some curious owners.

In such cases, these are identified by checking their similarity with other cat breeds. But these cats opted or purchased from shelters can never regain their pedigreed status until and unless they are identified clearly. So we can conclude that it is not easy and simple to find out what breed is my cat if it has not come with official papers. 

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