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7 Facts to Know About Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo usually called bicolor cats.Most Purists believe that only black with a white coat on their chest and paws can be considered as a tuxedo. But some Petfinder refutes these restrictive parameters.


Tuxedo cats

Tuxedo cats are famous for their bi-colored coats. These cats look like tiny and well tuxedos. Most of the cats are black and white. Coats of these beautiful kitties can also be grey, orange, and silver. Tuxedo cat has been known as the richest cat in the world. These cats are different from others. The characteristics of these cats are unique. These kitties are well-known for their friendly nature. Such cats love to have fun with humans at home. These cats are not categorized as breeds. These are famous because of their special black and white coats. 

Personality Traits of Tuxedo Cats

These cats might look dapper just like James Bond, but these are not afraid of little actions. Compared to other cats, these cats are lively, energetic, and social. These cats are friendly in nature. As soon as you open the door and walk in, these cats will start to run towards you with their black tail straight up in the air. Extra care will be required for these cats to avoid them wandering off. These cats have a sense of curiosity and independence.
Along with beautiful coat colors, these cats have green eyes as well. Tuxedo kitties usually have golden green, bright green and bluish-green eyes. The color of the eyes provides them a stunning look. These kitties are born wearing their formal attire. This attire provides them a handsome look. 

7 Fascinating Fun Facts About Tuxedo Cats

What makes them special and different from other cats? Below-given are some facts about these cats. 

  • These Kitties Are Piebald

Tuxedo cats do not belong to any particular breed. These cats got their name because of their distinct bi-colored markings. Their coats resemble those of tuxedos. It is not necessary that these kitties will be only black and white. There can be other different costs as well. 


  • In Ancient Egypt, Tuxedo Cats Were Worshipped

In ancient times, these cats were worshipped as GODS by the Egyptians. In fact, several Egyptians depicted cats as their GOD. Due to this particular reason cats were found in gold smithing, royal tombs, and hieroglyphics. You wouldn’t believe 70% of the cats that were depicted in these tombs were Tuxedo cats. In ancient times, these cats were most worshipped.

  • Tuxedo Cats are Super Smart

If you want to buy an intelligent pet then try these cats. You will notice that these kitties are twice smart than the average cats. These cats tend to achieve milestones earlier than the other kittens. Due to their unique coloration chances to be hit by cars are minimum. These cats need to be extra smart to watch for traffic.
Most of the cats took one to two weeks to open their eyes after birth. But these cats are something special and open their eyes 24 hours before than any other kitten. Although it is difficult to prove, these cats are 200 times smarter than any other kind of cat.

  • These Kitties Have Place in History

As it is said earlier these cats were worshipped in ancient times by the Egyptians. There is some history associated with these cats. Sir Isaac Newton, Beethoven, and William Shakespeare all had Tuxedo cats.  These cats have the ability to become invisible on the vernal equinox. Due to this these cats have attained a magical reputation. There is a myth that the owners of tuxedos are lucky when they play lotto.

  • Richest Cat in the World

1n 1998, when the owner of this cat passed away this cat whopped 6.3 Million dollars. That figure makes this cat the richest cat and human being in the world.

  • Tuxedo Cats Have Achieved Those Things That Were Never Achieved Before

As it is mentioned earlier these cats are super smart and quick in nature. These cats have gone far ahead than the other cats. They have gone on many other places where the other cats have never gone.
The only cat that makes his way to Mount Everest is not surprisingly the Tuxedo cat. One thing should be clear a human took him to that point, but still, it is something crazy.
Another achievement of these cats is participation in a war. Simon which is a type of Tuxedo participated in World War 2 and receives a medal for his services. Tuxedo protected allies by saving food from mice and pests.
The only cat to make their way to the White House. President of America Bill Clinton had a Tuxie cat during his services as president of the USA.
What’s more, expected from these kitties? Time is not far when these cats will be seen in the streets of NASA.

  • Don’t worry about Health Issues

These cats are as healthy as the other felines. Keeping a few factors in mind you can extend the life span of these kitties. As it is mentioned these cats have some historical attachment as well. Newton was fond of Tuxedos and he invented the cat flap. The purpose of the cat flap was that the cat can easily move in and out without his help.
To maintain good health, make sure that the cat gets enough exercise, rest, veterinary care, and the best food. You can have your kitty for at least 15 to 20 years. So these cats are easy to maintain and you can have these as your friend for a long time.

Weight of Tuxedo Cat

The average weight of a tuxedo cat should be 10 pounds. However, it can vary according to breed and frame. 

How Long Do Tuxedo Cats Live?

The average life span of these kitties is between 10-15 years. However, it can be extended by care, food, rest, and enough exercise.


If you are a pet lover and especially want to have friendly cats at home, then it is recommended to have Tuxedos. These cats are not only beautiful and unique from others, but at the same time, these cats are super smart. With little care, you can extend the life span of these kitties. So, these cats are the best for you and your kids. 

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