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How much a Tonkinese Cat costs? Health issues and other facts.

Tonkinese cats are loving and playful and like to be involved with the people whatever they are doing. And these are produced as a result of crossbreeding.

Tonkinese Cat
Tonkinese Cats

Tonkinese cats are produced as a result of crossbreeding between the two Siamese and Burmese. So, these two have created a cat with moderate body size, lesser voice, but these are of loving nature and got intelligence from both Siamese and Burmese.  And, these cats are loving and playful and like to be involved with the people whatever they are doing. This has other specialties as well he can receive and pay greetings to your guests. He likes to ride on your shoulders but if it’s not the case he will like to sit in your lap and want to chat about the day. 

Characteristics of Tonkinese cats

These cats possess lots of good characteristics. You must be familiar with those if you are a true cat breed lover. These attributes are:

  • Friendly
  • Playful
  • An excellent choice for those families who have little kids
  • Open attitude with other cats and dogs that are friendly
  • It has a body which is medium in size and makes it looks healthy
  • Different head shape than other cats
  • Beautiful eyes which looks like a peach pit and medium-sized ears
  • These cats are normally 6 to 12 pounds in weight and live for almost more than 13 years
  • Comes in a variety of different colors like (Chocolate, red, fawn and blue and many more)
  • Their coat colors took almost 2 years for proper development.
    Tonkinese Cat
                                          Medium-sized Tonkinese cats look like that one.

These cats are very much affectionate and provide entertainment also. These cats are also intelligent and have good memories. Additionally, these loved to be close to the members of the family and likes sitting in laps. These type of cats are most active and likes to be alert most of the times. 

The right choice for you or not?

These cats do not demand too much from you. They just need some games to play with and also some toys. Hence, these cats should stay inside homes rather than allowing them to go outside. Whereas,  their grooming does not require too much from you. They just need brushing almost after a week and bathing when it is required. It is suggested that make your cats used to of bathing this will help you when they become adults.  Nails should be trimmed on a regular basis. That all they required so this is the best choice for cat lovers. 

Health Issues in Tonkinese Cats:

These cats are mostly healthy because they have selective breeding throughout the years. Additionally, they have a few health issues. In short, this cat can suffer excessive deposits of proteins, Infections in the respiratory process this is mostly the issue with young kittens and few others. So if you are a cat lover it is necessary for you to have a regular examination of your kitty by a veterinary and take care of diet also. 

From where to buy?  

Hence, first of all, look for the resources from where you can adopt rather than buying from breeders. Search for local rescues from where you can adopt Tonkinese cats. Especially, if you want to buy from a breeder make sure to check that cats are promoted with good health, diet and in a clean environment. Thus, the minimum price for such kinds of breeds is between 600 to 1200 Dollars. But you can easily access it via the internet because there are a lot of local breeders available.

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