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Munchkin Cats Price- Personality and other interesting facts.

Munchkin Cats

Munchkin Cats

Munchkin cats are also called Sausage Cat. These type of cat breeds are identified by its short legs. Since the 1940’s these type of cats are documented all around the world on various occasions. Furthermore, in around about 1944, it was reported by British veterinary and they have noticed that these type of cats have four generations and those are similar to other cats but the only difference is their short legs. Hence, International Association of Cats introduces these cats for the first time in front of the public in 1991. A cat named as Napa which was founded in California was declared the shortest stature cat living in the world by Guinness book of the World Record. She was only 5.25 inches tall. 

Attributes of  Munchkin cats

Munchkin Cats have generally following attributes
  • Sweet in nature
  • Playful for kids
  • These are mostly people-oriented
  • Most intelligent cat
  • Easy to handle
  • Available in a number of colors
  • Long-haired cats
Additionally, there are contradictory statements about their ability to jump high. Some think their jumping ability is limited because of the short nature of legs and some people thinks that their short legs do not create any hurdle in their jumping and leaping ability. Male cats are usually larger in size and weight than female cats and weigh about 3-4 kg.  Female cats weigh about 2-3.6 kg.
Munchkin Cats

                                            This is a picture of a cat which is 7 months old. 

The personality of Munchkin Cats

This cat enjoys a lot when handled. Moreover, this has more energy and agility in it. It can be said that it is similar to a sports car. This cat likes to play with kids and other pets. Sometimes when she is at rest and sits on her hind legs and to jump at something very interesting. She is not taller in stature but when she decides to choose something she goes at it in a quick speed. You can check her brain by giving him puzzle toys. 

Some interesting facts about Munchkin Cats

  • Breed of this cat emerge from genetic change
  • First-ever Munchkin cat was a pregnant vagrant whose name was Blackberry
  • It is still not clear how this cat achieved her name
  • This cat is a disputed breed
  • These cats can suffer health issues because these are very much health-conscious
  • These cats come in a variety of shades and colors
  • The last fact is she is the smallest cat in the world

Munchkin’s Health

Thus, these cats are usually healthy and don’t face the issues of spinal. Because this is a young breed so the facts can be changed, so it is suggested that while purchasing take a written guarantee about health. To protect his overall health it is necessary to keep his weight under limits this will help him to remain healthy. 
Thus, Take care of proper grooming of cat. Like regularly brush his hairs once a week. Moreover, clean ears with soft cleaner or recommended by veterinary. Brush the teeth properly with toothpaste for good breath. Trim nails and when you do a lot of care of kitty at an early age he will take care of himself in later times.
Munchkin Cats

What is the Munchkin Cat Cost?

The average price for these type of cats is usually between 250 to 500 Dollars. While the kittens you purchase from shelter homes which are older in age you can purchase it only in 100 dollars also. There are some other factors also which affects the price. 

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