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Best cat breeds for kids and families? 6 best cat breeds for kids

Cats make great companions for kids, and frequently these cat breeds will form and share a special bond, there is nothing more attractive than watching a child playing in one another’s a company.

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Best Cat Breeds For Kids

Cats make great companions for kids, and frequently these cat breeds will form and share a special bond. There is nothing more attractive than watching a child and their feline friend playing and delighting in one another’s a company. Moreover, having a pet cat breed with help teach young children the responsibilities of pet ownership,  and help foster a lifelong love of animals.
Although it is important to choose the best cat breed of cat to suit your kids and lifestyle, an independent breed will not fare so well with lots of boisterous and loud little ones about.
Fortunately, some breeds generally do better than others. If you’re thinking about which purebreds make the best pets for children, then here is a list of cat breeds.

Abyssinian cat Breed

Life with an Abyssinian is never boring because these are highly energetic, charmingly entertaining, and insatiably curious. Affectionate, faithful, and people-oriented, this cat breed is best suited for families with children ages 6 and up.
These cats are very active, curious and can provide great companionship to your kids. This breed always keeps themselves busy. These cats can provide lots of entertainment for you with their athletic exploring. This cat breed is intelligent and with clicker training, you may even be able to teach them some tricks.


Raymond said an easy-to-handle, modest breed, Birmans are exceptionally sweet-natured cats that love to be with people. Patient and even-tempered, the color pointed Birman is the best choice for families with children and other pets.
These cat breeds are active and playful but will quiet down when their human companions are busy. These are cats of many colors. These are gentle, patient, and loving, Birmans are an excellent choice for families with children. These cat breeds make the ideal family partner as they are very easy to handle and have gentle dispositions. They seek attention actively and are very playful, to make them ideal for small children.
Birman cat breed


These cat breeds are known for maintaining a playful, kitten-like personality throughout their lives. They care for people and create strong bonds with their families, just like dogs. Burmese cats make wonderful child-friendly cats. Burmese cats do not object to a busy household, in fact, they will enjoy a busy lifestyle with lots of love and attention from your children.
One of the most people-oriented cat breeds, the Burmese cat breed makes the perfect family pet. This friendly breed thrives on human contact, so charm in lots of love, attention, and excess cuddles, of course. While they might be quite an alert cat breed, they are very gentle and tolerant of children, so the two are sure to make a perfect pair.
Burmese cat breed

Manx cat breed

This playful and active breed is known as the ‘tail-less’ cat and is an agile breed. Some have likened with dog’s like personality, as they have been known to burying toys like canines. They are a very affectionate and sweet breed and will develop a very tight-knit bond with their family, showing them unwavering loyalty. The Manx comes in both short and longhaired varieties, so which are longhaired will require a little extra grooming.
Manx cat breed

Ragdoll cat breed

Ragdoll cat breeds are a great match for families with children. They are easygoing and kind in temperament and well-behaved in manners. Ragdoll cat breed specifically to be both patient and loving. This breed’s temperament is perfect for small children because their key personality trait is their ability to go limp when picked up. These cats act just like their breed name.
Ragdoll cat breed

Persian cat breed

Persians are some quiet cats, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their people. This beautiful kitty is a very docile and calm breed, known for their flat, squishy faces and sensational long hairs. The Persian is not the most active cat breed, so will enjoy a luxurious life indoors, lapping up lots of love and attention from their owners. They make a great pet for quieter children because of their very gentle and quiet nature.
Persian cat breed

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